So, for the past month, I’ve been traveling the northernmost parts of the North Island of New Zealand.

Writing this from Coromandel, an earlier look at the map reminds me just how far I have to go to get back to Hawkes Bay. According to Google, I’ve travelled roughly 2000KM over the last month.  In my opinion, spending a few nights in each spot (and skipping iconic spots due to weather and interest) I have expedited this trip as much as one could.

So what have I learned? Well, too much time on your own is not healthy. Conversely, too much time in one place is not either. Based on the two criterion: rumination and irritability, I may have found the formula for travel: 1 day drive + (=/-) 5 days stay = positive mental state.

And what have I done? Well, I’ve listened to the quiet voice. In other words, no plans, no itinerary, only follow the road north, then south.

Instead of writing a full blown post about what I saw and my experience (which isn’t my style) here’s some of the top pictures from along the way….

“Andrew, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.”
Entrance to the Capitaine Bougainville Monument coastal walk.
A double rainbow on Bart’s birthday, over the Otamure campsite.
Just outside Puriri Bay. Just looks nice, you know?
The more picturesque side of the Muriwai Gannet Colony.
Admiring all the shit from the Muriwai Gannet Colony
Just the tiniest little tag-a-long
Gotta start small when exploring the waterfalls
The “Big Tree” a.k.a. “Tāne Mahuta” which is the largest Kauri tree standing, today.
Cape Regina (Ree-Eng-Uhhh) Light house. And some random European male who fucked my picture


I’m guessing I was inspired by the Haka display in Waitangi.
The time I got high during a wander and had a private dolphin show.
As seen on Facebook. 
The Southern Arch is the largest arch in the Southern Hemisphere. 
Muriwai Beach. I’d say it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve visited, to date.
The cliffs and caves of Whatipu.
Ignore the shades of blue and green behind me and check out that sexy hair!

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