Nature has become the catalyst for my clearest and most profound thinking. This is something new for me. Maybe it’s the more “free-reign” nature that, though includes hordes of tourists, just seems more pure than I have found elsewhere.

I don’t want to edit this post for everyone’s eyes so I make sure it’s “just right.” What you need to know is losing cell-coverage, not seeing another human being for several hours at a time, only hearing the sounds of rivers, birds, and rain… It’s better than any human interaction I’ve had lately.

Maybe I need to slow down on these posts. Not to say I crank them out on a high-frequency pitch, but the real essence and punch of what I am trying to convey seems to be lost.

Going off the grid (out of cell service) for an entire day has been great. Haven’t seen too many people on the road and the quiet voice lead me to a road, and I quote, “Is not a tourist route yet…” Yet should be in italics as both the person(s) who were responsible for writing and creating the sign knew that time would deliver.

I’m moving closer to something I can’t put into words.

I’ve reached a middle-ground between tourist and national. Other tourists annoy me and even those who seem to put forth an American North American accent, require extra energy to avoid. Maybe it’s because I want to feel special about this experience and see the beauty and live the vagabond life in my own bubble of false reality. Really, it doesn’t matter because I know when one of those aforementioned tourists points their face in my direction and starts to talk, a different, less calm version of me comes out. The conversation topic of You’re a Tourist/ I’m a Tourist: 50 Questions to Ruin an Experience, have grown old.

Is it odd to want people to approach a beautiful scenic area and take it in in silence? Does the 50 foot high elevated walkway with grand panoramic views of the Southern Alps need to be place to sing your praises about dabbing and why it’s still around?

This has become a snarky post about tourists when really I should point out how awesome it’s been to follow the quiet voice down random roads. No kidding.

I wake up each morning and have little-to-no plan for the day. Somehow, I go on wanders up glacial rivers, down hunting roads littered with livestock, find lakes with mirror like surfaces, and end the day somewhere different.

A work in progress is understanding what is happening within me and trying to make sense of it. Maybe that’s where I am going wrong. Maybe I’m too nubile in this transformation to see what is happening, no-less describe it on a forum.

Maybe it’s not time for you to know where I am and what I’m up to.

Maybe it’s just time to be.


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