The Big “3-0”

On the first of June, I turned 30.

The weeks leading up were filled with wandering down the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, on my way to Invercargil. Try as I might, it was hard not to put too much emphasis on making this milestone a day to remember.

In April, someone I consider a mentor, Elliot Hulse, wrote this  blog about his birthday rituals. After reading it and then re-reading it around the end of May, I made a decision.

Instead of freaking out because I was turning 30 and wasn’t surrounded by a host of friends and family (by design?), June 1st was spent focusing on what matters to me.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

  1. Gym. Spent an hour stretching and lifting weights to get my head in the right space.
  2. Clearing. This one threw my day off, as there was some associated guilt. Essentially, I identified some areas of my life that were pulling me in a negative direction and consuming my daily thoughts, ultimately leading to rumination. The associated guilt was from moving past a relationship that had run its course and lingered to a point of hurt and pointing fingers, in both directions. It was hard to move past it, but in the end, appears to have been a wise decision.
  3. Massage. Later in the day, I chose to take care of my body through deep tissue massage and meditation. This seemed to help get back on track (mentally) and move forward from the negative feelings.
  4. No Drinking. Years of experience from massage post-care taught me that even one drink can ruin all the positive effects.
  5. New Journal. This really should be the first on the list. I realised that my focus for many years has been on the negative points in life– what goes wrong, vice what went right. This resonated throughout my thoughts, filter of the world, and ultimately to my journals. Of course the last two years have been fraught with depression, anxiety, and paranoia (see most of my previous posts), so the journals became the dumpster for those associated thoughts. A painting hanging in a friend’s home triggered an idea: “What if I chose to focus on the positive occurrences in my days as an experiment to see if I could change my reality?” To put this to the test, I bought and started a brand new journal, commissioned said friend’s daughter to draw something fun in the first two pages, and made a conscious effort to focus on the positive events of the day.
  6. Sleep. Nope, I didn’t stay up late partying. My normal bedtime is between 8-9 p.m. and I stuck to it. Again, this was inspired by Elliot’s list– I believe, number 3.

The next day, I sat down and wrote my intentions for the coming year:

  1. Positivity: My last journal was a trapping of mostly negative thoughts. As I work through my demons and move forward with life, there will continue to be negative feelings, no doubt. I set the intention and ask the Universe to help me focus on the positive occurrences in life.
  2. Listen to the Quiet Voice: Continue to trust in the wisdom and guidance of the Universe, as spoken through the Quiet Voice.
  3. Honesty: Be courageous to speak my truth and live honestly, regardless of the consequences.

That’s it. Three bullet points to focus on for the year. Sure, I could have gone on for days, but the reality is I wouldn’t have taken the list or the intention seriously. Start with three and move forward.

This year, I set my intentions to the Universe to become more than I was in my 20’s. Those years were formidable, filled with love and travel, as well as a lot of growing pains. I can only listen to the Quiet Voice and my body, for they are my guides toward a positive and fulfilling life.


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